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Square One Creative

Square One Creative

Our strategic marketing design & creative services can help your organization stand out from the competition and attract more customers. We can focus your resources and identify the gaps in your marketing communications to help you achieve better results. Our unique Positioning + Packaging + Promotion System can save you thousands in wasted efforts and lost opportunities!

How We Work


Steps to help make your communications more effective:
1. Our Strategic Creative Services begin with a Brand Audit to analyze the status of your current marketing efforts.

2. Next we determine the correct positioning and personality for your Brand Identity within the marketplace.

3. We then guide you through Packaging your  Unique Value Proposition with the right design, messaging and marketing strategies to attract your target customers.
4. Finally, we can help develop advertising and processes that will  automatically and consistently Promote your organization.
How We Work


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Clients we've worked with…


Joyce Davis,  Designer/Principal

Joyce established Square One Creative 15 years ago, as a marketing communications specialist.

Her background includes work at many of the largest advertising, marketing and graphic design agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area, as an art director, designer, writer and creative director, working with national clients. She has worked with Wells Fargo Bank, Capital One, many food brands such as Hunt Wesson & Del Monte, Hewlett Packard, Clorox, LeapFrog and Pfizer, to name a few. Square One Creative presently serves a wide variety of business, technology, and nonprofit clients.

She has taught Integrated Marketing and Graphic Design at the Academy of Art, San Francisco. She presently enjoys voluteering her writing and design skills to help local nonprofits.

She’s developed her own creative systems for helping clients achieve their goals, believing creativity is the key to success. She is passionate about enabling individuals and organizations to tap into their own creative spark!

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